Evans Dental Laboratory

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Hawley Retainers

Night Guards

  • Erko Pro Nightguards
  • Hard Nightguards (Made with Lucitone Clear)
  • Dual Laminates 
  • Soft Nightguards

Acetal Resin Partial

  • Flexible/metal free removable restoration

Implant-Supported Dentures

  • Milled Bars ( Hybrid and Overdentures)
  • Precision Attachments
  • Chair-side Assistance


Simple repairs (acrylic fracture or replacing single tooth) can be picked up locally in the morning and returned on the afternoon trip. If you are adding teeth to a partial, it will need to be picked up in the morning and will be returned the following morning.

Carbon 3D Printed Lucitone Dentures

Implant Surgical/CT Scan Guides

3D Printed Keystone Digital Splints

Cast Metal Frameworks

  •  We use high quality Vitallium 2000 Plus frames made in the U.S.A.

Flexible Partials

  • We offer either DuraFlex, Valplast, Visiclear or DurAcetal( for tooth-colored clasps)

Acrylic Partials


Our recommended next day relines require an overnight curing system which gives you a better result for a longer-lasting reline along with less chance for allergic reactions and discoloring. Even though it is not recommended, we can do same-day relines for local customers, but there will be a rush fee added.

Our Services

​​Full Dentures
These are the steps we recommend for the most satisfied denture patients and ultimately less chair-time for you, the dentist​​.

  • 1) Custom Tray
  • 2) Bite Rim
  • 3)Set-up for Try-In
  • 4) Process and Finish
  • ​SR Ivocap Injection Method or Traditional Lucitone 199 Packing