Cast Metal Frameworks

  •  We use high quality Vitallium 2000 Plus frames made in the U.S.A.

Night Guards

  • Erko Pro Nightguards
  • Hard Nightguards (Made with Lucitone Clear)
  • Dual Laminates 
  • Soft Nightguards

Acetal Resin Partial

  • Flexible/metal free removable restoration


Simple repairs (acrylic fracture or replacing single tooth) can be picked up locally in the morning and returned on the afternoon trip. If you are adding teeth to a partial, it will need to be picked up in the morning and will be returned the following morning.

Implant-Supported Dentures

  • Milled Bars ( Hybrid and Overdentures)
  • Precision Attachments
  • Chair-side Assistance


Our recommended next day relines require an overnight curing system which gives you a better result for a longer-lasting reline along with less chance for allergic reactions and discoloring. Even though it is not recommended, we can do same-day relines for local customers, but there will be a rush fee added.

Hawley Retainers



Acrylic Partials

Flexible Partials

  • We offer either DuraFlex, Valplast, Visiclear or DurAcetal( for tooth-colored clasps)
Evans Dental Laboratory


Implant Surgical/CT Scan Guides

Carbon 3D Printed Lucitone Dentures

Full Dentures

These are the steps we recommend for the most satisfied denture patients and ultimately less chair-time for you, the dentist​​.

  • 1) Custom Tray
  • 2) Bite Rim
  • 3)Set-up for Try-In
  • 4) Process and Finish
  • ​SR Ivocap Injection Method or Traditional Lucitone 199 Packing

3D Printed Keystone Digital Splints

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